Sleep disorders? Memory issues? Stress? Common colds? Try massage. • Master Therapy Massage Center
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Sleep disorders? Memory issues? Stress? Common colds? Try massage.

Sleep disorders? Memory issues? Stress? Common colds? Try massage.

Massage is nothing new, it has been here for ages. It is a great way to help treat many ailments, aid in relaxation, and help athletes to recover from sports injuries. But behind all that is the benefit that can help many of us that we are not even aware of. It is known to help those who suffer from sleep disorders; since it is known to increase the delta waves that help promote sleep. Falling asleep on the table during the massage will help you for a couple of days afterwards, helping you to keep the deep sleep benefits.

If you are having any memory issues or want to help boost brain activities, massage is a great way to achieve this. There are some companies that actually promote the use of a massage chair in therapy to help their employees get the brain booster massage. It takes only fifteen (15) minutes daily and help them boost their mental alertness and improve awareness.

Since Massage releases natural antibodies in our system, it can help with many physical and mental aliments. It helps to enhance our immune systems and can actually decrease the cortisol levels that are present with stress. Even common ailments like PMS, minor depression and even the well-known common cold can actually be prevented using massage therapy.

It can help you with minor depression and sadness since it is said that a massage stimulates the left portion of our brains that is stimulated when we are happy, pleased or excited. Thus, making us maintain a positive and happy attitude.

There are many positive sides to massage therapy which can include, but not limited to some of the following: it will reduce your stress levels and it’s harmful effects that it has on our bodies; it is good for blood circulation and our immune system; heals our minds and makes us feel a sense of well-being; it stimulates production of certain endorphins and helps with pain in injuries as well as in PMS; calms our central nervous system; help to improve sleep patterns; relaxes the muscles and reduces tension; aids in digestion; improves concentration by enhancing our brain activity; and it actually lowers our cortisol production and other known stress hormones.