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Chiropractor recommends massage therapy to help patients heal after accident injuries

Patients struggling with chronic pain have a new treatment option. Chiropractor Dr. Kirby Gengler announced that massage therapy has helped hundreds of his patients regain a full range of movement in the body, while easing chronic pain and promoting internal healing.

“Massage is one tool we use to help patients enjoy immediate back pain relief,” said Dr. Gengler. “This natural treatment helps patients by stimulating internal healing. Massaging the skin stimulates the flow of oxygenated blood, which flushes out these toxins and helps the body heal.”

“During a treatment session, important physiological changes occur inside a patient’s body,” said Dr. Gengler. “Blood pressure and heart rate decrease, helping patients to relax. At the same time, the level of cortisol — a stress hormone also associated with weight increase — drops. In its place, the levels of endorphins, a natural ‘feel-good’ hormone, increase. Patients leave our therapy sessions feeling relaxed, calm and centered. Whether a patient is coping with pain or stress, a treatment session helps the mind clear out clutter and refocus.”

According to Dr. Gengler, treatments like deep tissue massage are also important for releasing tightly-locked muscles. “After an accident injury, muscles may be strained, torn or pulled,” said Dr. Gengler. “The body may cope with this injury by shifting movement to other parts of the body. This can cause muscles to become rigid or stiff, losing flexibility. Deep muscle massage unlocks pain trapped deep inside the fascia, providing relief for chronic back pain and other injuries.”