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About Us

Experience our unique blend of Eastern and Western massage techniques that bring wellness back to your body. With years of professional training and extensive experience, we found the right path to restoring your body comfort. Specializing in relieving muscle pain, stress reduction, healing acceleration, and full body relaxation, we take a personal approach to your needs, and bring quality results. Feel complete, balanced, energized, and rejuvenated. Exclusive treatments brought exclusively for you.

Natallia Pierce

Professional Massage Therapist
  • Miller-Motte College graduate in Massage (Wilmington, NC)
  • Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association
  • Nationally Certified by NCBTMB
  • North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (#5693)
  • Certified in Therapeutic Massage by Vitebsk Massage School (Europe)

NCBTMB Nationally Certified AMTA Professional Member

Professionally Trained/Certified in:
  • Active Isolated Stretching
  • Advanced Therapeutic Massage
  • Ahh…shiatsu Bar Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Lymph/Reflex Detox
  • Muscle Meridian Reflexology
  • Myofascial Release
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Russian Massage
  • Spa Modalities
  • Sports Massage
  • Structural Integration
  • Swedish Massage
  • Swe-Thai Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Working With Fibromyalgia

Elena Davis

Part-Time Master Aesthetician / Permanent Makeup

S. Alex Smolich

General Manager

252-924-0019 (cell)

I have been going to Natalia for years, and have to say that “hands down” she is the best therapist I have ever found. She has taken care of me through various sports injuries and marathon training, and is one of the reasons I was able to continue and heal so quickly. She not only is very intuitive and technically good, she has one of the kindest souls I have ever known! Absolutely a “keeper”!!!Meg Smith

Natalia is one of those massage therapists who has an intuitive understanding of the body. She knows just how much pressure to use and she truly has a healers touch. You don’t have to worry about getting a superficial top of the skin rub like sometimes happens when you try a new massage therapist. Natalia gives a deep, focused and totally relaxing massage. You will definitely feel better when you leave.

Give Natalia a try…you’ll be glad you did!!Elena A.

Natallia has been able to identify my problem areas and relieve my pain. I would highly recommend her. She is extremely professional and caring. Natallia has provided the best massages I ve ever experienced! She is always “tuned in” to exactly where my body needs a bit of extra work. Her healing touch has made me more relaxed and I feel more flexible. This is definitely something I will continue to do for myself as often as possible!Matt Hempson

I have had massages most of my adult life and since finding Natallia, I schedule one each month. She has remarkable ability to get deep into muscle and surrounding tissue and get it to release and relax. I suffer with cervical disk degeneration probably brought on my my job which requires lots of driving and laptop use. Going to Natilla has helped to stop the neck pain and tension. Unlike a hairdresser or dry cleaner where you change after a couple of years, I would never change from this massage therapist!A Google User

I love Natallia. Too bad I work too far away and never seem to have the time to see her anymore, but she’s fantastic. One of the hardest things to do as a massage therapist is to figure out where a person is hurting or stressed without disturbing the person’s relaxation. Natallia can pinpoint with amazing accuracy areas where the body is stressed or trigger points for pain.

She also uses ashiatsu therapy and will literally walk all over you using her body weight and feet to make you feel like a totally new person.Alex J.

Excellent- I travel all over the world. I have had massages in spas, sport training centers, by physical therapist and Natalia has the skills of the above as well as the knowledge of a physician. It wasn’t until I experienced possible back surgery that I sought a massage professional in Wilmington. Through her expertise, Natalia has improved my life in many realms. She teaches me about exercise, supplements and has eliminated my pain. I am grateful to have regained my quality of life. I hope others will experience her healing and be pain free soon as well! Thank you so much!Grateful Client

Excellent…by far the best massage experience. I came in with a soar, stiff neck and she relieved my pain. I will go back again and I’ve already recommended the place twice since my appointment this morning. She also gave me lots of tips to do at home. Very relaxing atmosphere. You can make an appointment right online! Sweet………oam6000

Magic Hands!!! Natalia is the best Massage Therapist I have ever had in my life. Because of the back pain and persistent headaches I have, massage therapy became a part of my life. From the experience I can tell the difference between a professional and non-professional massage. Natalia is the masseuse from God. She has Magic Hands and she does an outstanding job. I’m so lucky to have found her. I’m very grateful to Natalia for her help. She gave me back my life. THANK YOU, NATALIA!!!Inna

Worth Her Weight in Gold There are a few people who are “born” to be a massage therapist – Natallia is one of them. Her movements are smooth… direct… and strong. She can actually reshape your musculature, which has twisted and contorted from years of abuse and neglect. You can tell her where you feel pain, but it’s best not to tell her which modality to use to fix it (as I did on my first visit), because she KNOWS how to fix it. She is truly a Master. I am so grateful to have found her.Ellen

Changed My Life Natalia is without a doubt the most talented masseuse that I have ever worked with. Her understanding of the human body is comprehensive and her touch is magic-like. Not only do the sessions leave me relaxed and loose but I feel better conditioned for the active lifestyle that I enjoy.Jamie

Long Time Client I met Natallia as a graduate of Miller Motte and followed her to her private practice. Natallia knows and finds things that she helps me with on a regular basis. I have been going to her for many years and find her therapy to be of great relief. I would recommend her to anyone who needs medical or stress releaving massage. The atmosphere in the session is always relaxing. My husband has also used her on occasion and found it to be an enjoyable experience.Richard

A Big Part in Our Healthy Lifestyle Best massage we have ever had! When I have a massage by Natalia I can feel the benefits for a sustained amount of time. My husband has a weekly standing appointment, and he has never done anything like that before, for over a year, I might add. Natalia inquires what one has a need for are at each visit, but she also is very intuitive. I highly recommend Natalia as a wonderful massage therapist, we love her!!!!Deb and Russ

Best Massage Natalia is simply a fantastic massage therapist. I have been to many so called “up-scale” spas and have never expereinced a better massage than what Natalia provides. Natalia is also far less expensive than a spa. Natalia has a kind and caring personality and is most interested in my well being. I would recommend Natalia to anyone looking for massage.Charles

Wonderful! I have traveled all over the country to the most luxurious expensive spa’s and health clubs and by far Natalia is beyond your expectations. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. She is not to be missed, for the ultimate stress releaver. Also very affordable in this tight economy. 🙂
Mary Margaret

Natalia is hands down the best massage therapist ever you will not be disappointed